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FAQ and Overview

What is Weight Loss with WinWithin Social Support Groups.?
Weight Loss with WinWithin Social Support Groups. is a group network application and infrastructure.  It is the first and only group network application on the internet.  It is a technological and communications infrastructure that groups, organizations and associations can use to build their organization, create a global online network, and facilitate networking, management, communications and growth of their organization.
What is the difference between Group Network and Social Network?
Social Network applications allow friends to meet online, communicate and share information.  Group Network provides these features but is designed for groups, organizations, and associations.  Groups can be for-profit, non-profit, governmental or non-governmental organizations or any other membership entity.  Weight Loss with WinWithin Social Support Groups. not only allow members of these organizations to network, it also allows organizations (groups) to network with each other as well and to increase their financial position.
Is Weight Loss with WinWithin Social Support Groups. Free?
The software is free for use by any member.  It’s also free to start any group on the site.
Is it safe to make payments to groups?
We are not responsible for the fees that groups charge.  Please get enough information from a group or organization before paying fees to the group.  The secured processing of the financial transactions are done by PayPal.  PayPal is one of the safest financial transaction processing companies on the internet.  PayPal will send you an email notification for each financial transaction you make.  Any financial disputes between you and the group that you made payments to should be addressed between you and the Group Administrator.  If you cannot come to a resolution, please contact PayPal customer service at www.paypal.com.  Please refer to the email notification that Paypal sent you when discussing these issues with PayPal.
Do you collect funds for groups?
We do not collect any funds for groups.  Groups are required to have a PayPal Merchant Account in order to accept credit card payments on the site.  The funds groups collect goes directly to their PayPal account.  We facilitate the transactions but we do not collect these funds on behalf of the groups.
How can I find more details about how the site works?
Please check the Help sections throughout the application.

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